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Individual therapy

Individual Therapy

Outpatient (individual) therapy can be beneficial regardless of the issue – large or small. Whether you’re feeling depressed or anxious due to something happening in your life, transitioning to a new phase of life, or if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder and need ongoing support… Dr. Fairall & Associates can help.

Dr. Fairall has devoted over 20 years to helping individuals, couples and families navigate the challenges of life. Sometimes we face unexpected challenges that seem insurmountable. Other times we must endure a loss – some necessary and others seemingly senseless – however, most are difficult. Even the most positive changes – relocation, an adult child leaving for college, little ones entering grade school, or an exciting career opportunity – all require adjustments within ourselves and/or our family system. Dr. Fairall is here to aid in the transition by helping you navigate the new areas of life and even re-write the terms of your new agreement.

Change is a word that can elicit discomfort, but it can also bring on feelings of great hope and excitement. Whether you or a loved one have decided to eliminate an old habit, purge yourself of toxic relationships, or transform the trajectory of your life, Dr. Fairall would like to join you in facilitating that transition. Together you will put words into action, identify the steps on your new path, and travel them together. With the support and guidance of a trusted confidant, what once seemed impossible takes shape and becomes part of your new life.